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Whats a

        PrEP Navigator?

Outdoors Meeting

Congrats! You've chosen to take control of your health and to get linked with a Columbia CARES PrEP Navigator! 


It's all about your comfort

We understand not everyone is the same and that each situation is unique. We can meet you in our office, at a coffee shop, or on any other neutral ground where you feel comfortable.


PrEP Navigation is completely confidential and your Navigator will work hard to make the process fast, easy and enjoyable. 

What does that mean?

When you're linked with a Columbia CARES PrEP Navigator it means peace of mind and knowing that we'll be walking with you through the entire process from intake paperwork, to HIV/HCV testing, to linking you with a provider and pharmacy, and we'll work to lower or cover the costs of PrEP.


Tim Jones, Executive Director

Carman Brown, Prep Navigator

Daya Singh, Prep Navigator


1202 S. James Campbell Blvd Suite 8B

Columbia, TN 38401


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