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Take control of your sexual health


Condoms should always be encouraged to help protect against STIs, pregnancy, and HIV.

If you enjoy a happy, healthy, and active sex life, PrEP can provide you with extra piece of mind!


What is PrEP?

Pre Exposure Prophylaxis


It’s a simple step you can add to your daily routine to take control of your sexual health.


Just ONE pill ONCE a day.

Studies have shown that PrEP taken daily reduces the risk of getting HIV from sex by about 99%!

Is PrEP for me?

If you’re HIV-negative and sexually active, it might be time to take control with PrEP if you identify with any of the following statements:

  • I don't know the HIV status of my partner(s)

  • My partner(s) are HIV positive

  • I'm HIV negative and want to take control of my sexual health

  • I've had an STI in the last six months

  • I don't always use condoms

  • I am or my partner(s) are an injection drug user

  • I'm sexually active 

Happy Young Man

The Cost

In addition to insurance, there are patient assistance programs that can help you pay for or cover PrEP. 

The Columbia CARES PrEP Navigator will walk you through the entire coverage process.

One Pill

Once a Day, It's that easy

What about all the lawsuit commercials?

A very small percentage of patients have had issues with their kidneys or bones.


That's why tests are performed on your first visit to see if you are at risk.  We'll also continue to monitor your health on a regular basis.

I'm ready to take Control

Tim Jones, Executive Director

Carman Brown, Prep Navigator


1202 South James Campbell Boulevard

Suite 8B

Columbia, TN 38401


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